I was listening to Eddie Vedder when this image came to mind, more specifically to the song “Society” and the words: “I think I need to find a bigger place
‘Cause when you have more than you think
You need more space”

That sent my thoughts, to all those messages I keep getting from Apple, about my iCloud storage being full, perhaps I am too old school, basically up to now, all my life memories, photos and thoughts fitted and were stored in small shoe boxes or photo albums, simple, but the thought of having to rent storage for all my photos and ideas in a cloud storage space is still sort of obscene to me, what if someone knows how to break into that storage cloud, it would be sort of like if they could break into my head.
In the eighties we didn’t take selfies, when we used our cameras we were careful of not waisting a shot, 36 frames per roll, on top we still had to pay for the developing and printing, so basically  we just took photos of what we thought we needed to keep. If I ever see Eddie Vedder in the water, I will probably tell him about all the crazy thoughts and paintings that his music stirred in my mind, probably many things he never thought of while writing those lyrics.

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“iCloud” 11×14″ acrylic and posca on wood panel. Comes with a beach-distressed white wooden frame.


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