Kiele’s ‘Aumakua


When I came back to Hawai’i after twenty years of living in South America, I had to re introduce myself as an artist to the people of this island, the best way I found to do so was to start sharing my work on social media, that is how I met Kiele about six years ago. On instagram she has always been a big supporter of my work which is a pretty big incentive to keep on creating, we finally met at an art show on the North Shore and have been in touch since then.

When I was offered this space to exhibit at Turtle Bay, she posted a photo of herself free diving, I looked at it and it looked perfect to place on a longboard, at first I thought of adding turtles to it but then I visualized the hammerheads, so I asked herĀ  what did she preferred, her answers was “Hammerheads all the way”, that didn’t surprise me at all being that she is Hawaiian and the spiritual relation that they have with sharks. So “Kiele’s Aumakua” seemed to be the perfect fit for this longboard about my Hawaiian friend.

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Original art on surfboard, shaped on a polyurethane blank, laminated with polyester resin and sanded finished. The board was painted using acrylic inks on top of the finished board and glossed with an acrylic varnish using a technique that the artist developed in the mid eighties.

98 x 21 x 3″ comes with easy to install steel hanging brackets, and includes free shipping.

Although the surfboard shape is meant to be functional, it is not meant to be surfed on but to be displayed indoors as an art piece, as with any other art piece it is best to keep it away from sunlight.


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