Hōkūle’a’s Malolos


My time as Resident Artist at Four Season came to an end after almost three years, although it was only supposed to be for twelve months.

But as the end of my residency was approaching I was asked if I could still display some of my work at the resort.

A few weeks before the re-opening they asked me if I had a piece that will fit the space by the Hōkūle’a lounge, being such a prime location, I thought it would be better to create a new piece, one that will contemplate the space, light and colors of the area, but most of all, it had to somehow relate to the name of the the location, which is the Hōkūle’a, the iconic vessel navigated by stars, which is a big part of the Hawaiian culture.
As I focused on the idea, my thoughts drifted to my sailing days as a crew with the legendary Woody Brown on the Mana Kai and how the malolos glided in front of the Bow as if they were showing us the way, I figured that the Hōkūle’a crew had the company of thousands of Malolos in their voyages, it now seemed clear to me that I might be on the right path. Then I recalled the fin I did for Akila Aipa and it had the same colors and I thought I had to start looking for a new idea, until I realized that Eddie Aikau besides being part of the original crew, was also the godfather of my Hawaiian friend Akila, now everything made sense to me.
Somehow when you paint from the heart, the Mana seems to be your guide.

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“Hōkūle’a’s Malolos” 2021- 42×90 Acrylics and posca on canvas. On display at Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina.

This piece is on hold right now for an East Coast Collector, if interested please email me  at [email protected]


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