Resurface surfboard


One of our favorite things to do with my wife is free diving on the west side of the island, although we are not that good at it, we seem to venture deeper and deeper every time.

Just like life in general, exploring new places and getting out of our comfort zone. Twenty five years ago, I went on what I call a deep dive, taking a risk for what I thought was a great career move one thing led to another and I ended up broke and not painting for twenty two years, but just like diving, there is always a way up and to keep going you must resurface. I did, and there’s no better feeling than that deep breath of fresh Hawaiian air as you come back to surface.

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Original art on surfboard, this board has been shaped on a repurposed polyurethane blank, using acrylic paints and Posca markers underneath the polyester resin that has a gloss polished finish.

73×19″, comes with a steel hanging bracket.

Although the surfboard shape is meant to be functional, it’s not meant to be surfed on, but to be displayed as an art piece.


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