Diamond Head surfboard


One of the first surfboards I painted in 2015, when I was trying to develop a new style for my work and figuring out a new way to paint surfboards. I chose to make the iconic image of Diamond Head, perhaps on of the most famous or at least most photographed natural landmarks in the world. As a younger man I would just stare at it while waiting for my next wave in Waikiki, in the late afternoon as the sun would start setting Diamond Head would lit up with incredible warm colors, still love to stare at it every possible chance I have.

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Original art on surfboard, this board has been shaped on a repurposed polyurethane blank, using acrylic paints underneath the polyester resins and Posca inks on the hoatcoat under the gloss polished finish.

62×19″, comes with easy to install steel hanging brackets.

Although the surfboard shape is meant to be functional, it’s not meant to be surfed on but to be displayed as an art piece.


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