My Dad had a Vespa in the mid sixties and I’ve always been fascinated by them specially the ones from that era. When I restarted my career as an artist in 2014, I made a painting of a surfer riding a vespa , the painting was inspired by my friend Karim, who has a classic one in mint conditions and rides it to Diamond Head at sunrise for surf check. That piece was part of my first comeback show that in China Town, well, when Karim came to the show he pointed out that I painted the piece backwards, that it would be impossible to hold the surfboard with the right hand since that’s where the throttle is” so I ended up painting a new  version seven years later, with the surfboard under the “right” arm, which in this case means the left one.

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12″x 9″ print on 14″x 11″ acid free paper with backing board, unlimited edition, signed in pencil


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