Nai’a surfboard


I’ve been fascinated by dolphins ever since I was a little kid, but then again who  wasn’t? Series like Flipper in the late sixties made these cetaceans, icons of our generation, but at the same time it hurt the species with places like Seaworld selling tickets for their dolphin shows.

No matter how many tricks a dolphin can do in one of these shows it will never be able to match how spectacular it is to observe them from a distance in the wilderness. My wife and I are pretty lucky to have had so many encounters with these spinners while diving on the West side of the island. This board is on display at the Four Seasons in Ko’Olina.

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Original art on surfboard, shaped on a polyurethane blank, laminated with polyester resin and sanded finished. The board was painted using acrylic inks on top of the finished board and glossed with an acrylic varnish using a technique that the artist developed in the mid eighties.

6’5″ x 19 x 2.5″ comes with easy to install steel hanging brackets, and includes free shipping.

Although the surfboard shape is meant to be functional, it is not meant to be surfed on, but to be displayed indoors as an art piece, as with any other art piece it is best to keep it away from sunlight.


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