Hammer time


Over the past couple of years we developed a friendship with the incredible Hawaiian free diver Kimi Werner, her underwater photos taken by her boyfriend Justin Turkowski, are just breathtaking.

Behind her incredible diving and hunting skill, I found an extremely sensitive person, a most incredible environmental warrior and an amazing cook but most of all an Aloha ambassador.

This is the first time I made a Taro leaf pattern, basically because I felt that it went well with her, her cooking and her environmental side.

This piece was inspired by a photo of her, swimming with these elegant sharks.

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Original art on surfboard, this board has been shaped on a repurposed polyurethane blank, using acrylic paints and Posca markers underneath the polyester resin that has a gloss polished finish.

74×19″, comes with stainless steel hanging brackets.

Although the surfboard shape is meant to be functional, it’s not meant to be surfed on, but to be displayed as an art piece.


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