A couple of years ago, I wanted to incorporate my bright fluorescent colors into my prints and the only way to do it was by silkscreening them, problem was that everyone I knew on the island was busy and prices in the mainland were very high, even higher considering that I wanted to be there to proof them.

By mid February 2020, I had to travel to Uruguay and I remembered that my old friend Daniel Pavlotzky was reproducing art on paper with silkscreening, so after knowing that he was available to do the job, I realized that the only way that people would appreciate this, was by seeing it in person or watching a video of the whole process, so I called another friend; award winning photographer Santiago Barreiro and asked him if he could do a short video of this, the video is now on my instagram @eduardobolioli
We all got together at Daniel’s workshop in Montevideo and started working on this limited edition of only 90 prints.
At first the idea was to release the prints in July at the Haleiwa Arts Festival, so people could appreciate the color difference, but due to the pandemic the 2020 and 2021 Festivals were canceled.
What is the connection with Valentine’s Day? My flight left on March 15th, and I could only bring the artist’s proofs back with me since the inks were still drying
My wife had to stay behind to finish some paperwork and as we said goodbye at the airport, she started crying, I told her that her flight was only two weeks later and that we will see each other back in Hawai’i soon. The airports closed down in that two week period and she was finally able to come back here last May. She had all the prints with her…

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“Stoked” 11×14″ hand pulled silkscreen on acid free watercolor paper, limited edition of 90, numbered and signed. We used fluorescent inks on these prints and the screens have been destroyed.


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