Kelis Kaleopa’a
Waikiki, Hawai’i
Born in a surfing family where even grandma surfs, Kelis is part of the reigning crew at Queen’s in Waikiki. She was leading the ranking in 2020 when the tour was cancelled due to covid. This year the young Hawaiian arrived to El Salvador ranked third after taking first place in Huntington and an equal ninth at Bells Beach.
Kelis Kaleopa’a
Waikiki, Hawai’i
Nacida en medio de una familia de surfistas donde hasta la abuela corre olas, Kelis es parte de esta nueva generación que reina la famosa ola de Queen ‘s en Waikiki.
Lideraba el ranking mundial cuando el tour se canceló debido a la pandemia,
Este año la joven Hawaiana llega a El Salvador tercera en el ranking luego de campeonar en Huntington y obtener un noveno puesto en Bells Beach.


Original art on surfboard, shaped on a polyurethane blank, laminated with polyester resin and sanded finished. The board was painted using acrylic inks on top of the finished board and glossed with an acrylic varnish using a technique that the artist developed in the mid eighties.

These boards are a collaboration with Surf city in El Salvador to celebrate the “Surf City Longboard Classic”.


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